2019’s most important phone the Google Pixel 3A, Sorry Samsung

2019’s most important phone the google pixel 3a, sorry samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the most extravagant of the year and as far as non-folding phones drive. Recently announced combined with the smaller Note 10, which has a almost 7-inch display, 4 rear cameras and S Pen with new gesture controls that basically make it a magic pointer. If a person has an unlimited budget, he will end up being the greatest Android phone of 2019. However, which is not the most significant phone of the year. That principle goes to the US$399 Google Pixel 3A. Suppose, 2 trends happening simultaneously in the phone world. First, phones cost around US$500, which looking more stylish, are becoming faster, delivery better cameras. The second phone, partially ultra-premium phones such as iPhone XS and the Galaxy Note 10 which offer luxurious features to differentiate themselves and get costlier as a result.

The last trend is more noticeable. In 2017, it was marginal outrageous when Samsung Note 8 launched at the US $949. After 2 months, Apple released the US $999, iPhone X. Meanwhile, phones that cost as much as a Dell XPS 13 or MacBook Air are just a part of life. For example, note 10 and Note 10 Plus, as the most recent, retail for the US $1,099 and the US $949 respectively. But the more significant trend is the development of midrange phones, represented by the 3A and the US $479 3A XL. Expensive phones are excessive; however, they have been great for years. It’s tougher for Samsung’s and Apples of the world to discover new technologies to defend a US $999 price. Companies such as Google, OnePlus, and Moto to create current tech more affordable.

The Google Pixel 3A, its affordable price, and widespread convenience, versus the Pixel 3’s Verizon exclusivity. Which gathered Google’s phone sales. However, sales are not that made the Google Pixel 3A 2019’s the important phone. The 3A is important due to it sets a new standard to expect from a US $399 phone, and is mostly its astounding camera.