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28 percenrt drop in Amazon Echo’s Show

At the end of May 2019, Amazon had launched all-new Echo show 5-inch smart display with a very similar feature which has in build camera with microphones for video calling. It is small in size, cheaper and has improved privacy but bigger than the spot. It is a replacement of an alarm clock in the bedroom featuring a camera, microphones, and small displays. It has a rectangle shape which makes it better useful for displaying content. It was launched at $90, which was equitably placed in comparison to another the similar device.  However, after a couple of month of its launch, it is on sale at $ 65, which is a 28 percent fall in price.

The Amazon Echo show 5 provides rich visual on 5.5-inch screen display with a crisp, which provides hand-free video on a smartphone with skype, Alexa app, or other Echo devices with a screen. Amazon Echo shows 5 has 1MP camera with 720p HD video recording along with build in the cover which allows microphones and camera to be shut down with the press of a button.  It competes with Lenovo’s smart clock, but now Amazon has to fight back with Lenovo for sale as the smart clock is available at $50 which is cheaper than Amazon Echo shows 5.

Amazon Echo shows 5 run a MediaTek MT 8163 processor, which can be ideal for a workstation for latest news, music playback and video calls. However, Amazon is focusing on customer feedback to improve. Moreover, Amazon is not clearing the reason for the price drop of Echo show devices, but it is clear that the company want to compete with a similar device with a comparable price.  Additionally, its size, form factor, and limited video capabilities make the Echo show 5 more suited alarm clock and tablet replacement. Echo show 5 uses rare facing speaker behind the display, which doesn’t go very loud. However, it is considered a suitable smart device comparatively other.

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