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A boy has made US$ 120,000 just by selling and buying Instagram accounts

Instagram users are buying Instagram accounts, increasing their followers, and later, they again sell those accounts at a higher rate for greater yield. Purchasing and selling Instagram pages violets Insta’s terms and conditions of use. However, users like Mr. Ramy, who is 23 years of age, have made this his full-time career. Ramy runs his website. Name of the site is TooFame. He has sold more than 1,200 pages, and he has made one lac twenty thousand dollars till date. He said that “five years ago he started selling pages.” His journey started from a fashion page, which he made first and sold it for thirty dollars.

Websites like TooFame usually sell “theme” or “niche” accounts. Instagram accounts or pages, where it’s of some users account or photos of some celebrity, such accounts or pages cannot be traded. Whereas in theme pages, people are generally following that account or page for the content; it doesn’t matter who the owner is. For example, a page full of travel blogs, posts, photos, videos of popular destinations with travel handle can be traded easily. Here anyone can upload the content. Similar pages exist in fitness, fashion, and more.

Accounts on Instagram, who are having a large number of followers, are valuable assets because they can sell ads and give a shoutout. In some instances, companies pay Instagram users to promote products, and also sometimes other users pay to get promotion for their page. Instagram influencers’ source of income is sponsored pages. However, accounts with same follower numbers are not of equal worth. It is dependent on engagement on account, which in turn gives a high percentage of likes and comments on their photos. This provides value to an account. It is also dependent on how active followers are and what their interest is. This determines how many people are going to purchase advertised products on the page. Sometimes accounts who are having unusually high followers might have few fake followers in it. Instagram users can buy likes and followers online.


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