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A leading video game in the world, Minecraft is getting a massive graphics overhaul

Minecraft, one of the most popular game in the world, is getting a ray-tracing technology called Nvidia’s RTX. Microsoft launched this update on Monday. The technology improves the looks of the game. The improvement is done through simulation of the light path traveling within a light source in a game. The technology makes lighting, shadows, and reflection in the video game looks more realistic. The free update creates much-improved color and lighting to the blocky graphics. The technology runs on GeForce RTX graphics hardware from Nvidia. This new look of the game is a dramatic alteration in the visuals of the game.

Ray tracing usually improves the realism of a simulated scene. The alteration is done by simulating scene with the execution of finer detail. The update will be offered as free update on the PCs having Windows 10. The update is accessible only to players using a GeForce RTX graphics hardware from Nvidia. The graphics hardware that supports games having real-time ray tracing active is Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU. The update will be a excellent experience addition for players having Nvidia’s hardware. The update is going to include unique lighting effects. The effects will be from sun and game materials such as lava, and flowstone. Additional effects will be from soft and hard shadows, depending on the transparency of the material.

The update is great news, especially after developer from Minecraft announced that release of Super Duper Graphics Pack had been canceled. The pack was for enhancing visuals of the game. Meanwhile, Nvidia is participating in Gamescom 2019 which is in Cologne, Germany. The event is about a 2019 game range having enabled real-time technology of ray tracing. Microsoft’s Xbox console next generation will also have ray tracing technology. The project will be called “Project Scarlett”. It is expected that Minecraft on Project Scarlett will also have ray tracing technology. As Project Scarlett runs on AMD hardware, ray tracing technology will be enabled by AMD in Minecraft.

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