When it comes to fighting any severe disease, the one thing that comes to every patient’s mind is whether it’s curable or not. Alzheimer’s is such a disease which makes the life of a patient a living hell since they start to forget everything. The doctors prescribe some medications to such patients; it still doesn’t cure the disease completely. Now the University of Arizona has taken a good step by introducing a new class name “From chemistry to cure.” In this class, those students who are registered for 2020 will be able to find a cure for severe diseases like Alzheimer’s. This news gives hope to all those people who are diagnosed with a dangerous illness. The data is quite terrifying when it comes to the percentage of older adults who are suffering from Alzheimer’s. The report shows us that people who are aged between 65-74 have 17 percent of the chances of getting diagnosed; those who are above 85 have more than 32 percent.

The primary reason behind Alzheimer’s is the growing age because doctors explain that once we start to get older, our brain gets weak, and it starts to forget things slowly. Stat shows how dangerous this disease is and why people who are suffering from it are looking for a cure. Students of this class will have a significant problem to solve since finding a cure for Alzheimer’s is going to save millions of people’s lives. The leading doctor of this class said that students had given access to all pharmaceutical equipment also required help from the top of scientists in discovering the drug. They hope this new class initiative might bring a good result for all those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s.