A New Study Shows Common Sweetener Can Cause Severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease Among People

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Experts have warned people saying that those who have been dealing with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) might need to stop eating a modern western diet. They have said that eating fructose will lead to severe intestinal inflammation. IBD is a wider term used for a variety of ailments, which leads to chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Crohn’s Disease is the most common ailment from the category of IBDs. Experts say that genetics and weaker immune system can cause the growth of intestinal inflammation. However, a new study has revealed that the consumption of sweetener-like fructose contributes to the severity of the condition as well.

Fructose is used as a sweetening agent especially in the United States. It is used in the place of cane sugar and refined sugar in processed foods. Huge varieties of products in the US use fructose as a sweetener like high fructose corn syrup. It makes it difficult for people to avoid this sweetening agent until they start cooking their own food from the beginning. Experts have informed that the substance is linked with many health issues as well along with gut inflammation. The practice of using fructose as a sweetening agent in the US has been heavily criticized by public health experts. The newly published study has involved three mouse models to determine the risk of severe intestinal inflammation due to fructose intake.

Animals have been fed a heavy amount of fructose during the study. At the end of the study, experts have revealed that colon inflammation has increased in the animals. There have been a couple of changes in gut bacteria as well, which is located in the colon. Experts have advised people to eliminate or significantly cut down the quantity of fructose in their diet. Experts have claimed that people who have been dealing with inflammatory bowel diseases are at a greater risk of colon cancer as well. They have said that there is a need for further research to determine that such diet alterations in the initial stage of the disease will help in preventing colon cancer or not.