A Study Finds Out Some Patients With Severe COVID19 Might Suffer From Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune Disorders

Scientists have been facing many challenges to understand how coronavirus evolves through human bodies during the pandemic. They have been trying to find ways to treat the long-term effects of COVID19 in recovering patients. Experts have found that some of the survivors of COVID19 disease might deal with complications linked to the immune system. This study has been done by scientists from Emory University. They have observed around 52 patients who have recovered from severe COVID19. The study has found that more than half of them have developed autoantibodies, which attack the genetic material of the cells from the body itself. These patients have never been diagnosed with autoimmune disorders earlier. The study has shown that those patients who have been dealing with high inflammation, nearly more than two-thirds of them have antibodies attacking their own tissues rather than the virus.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Ignacio Sanz has said that they have been examining immune responses, which trigger the production of autoantibody, which leads to autoimmune diseases like lupus. He has found that this condition is prevalent in more recent severe COVID19 cases. Experts have been able to characterize the immune response in patients with severe COVID19 as an autoimmune response. However, it has been difficult for them to find out the cause behind the generation of autoantibodies hidden within their antiviral retorts. Matthew Woodruff, an instructor at the Lowance Center for Human Immunology has said that these autoantibodies might be in a benign state. He has said that it might be beneficial in an unknown way and there is a possibility that they are not helpful.

Experts have said that these self-killing autoantibodies might contribute to the severity of the disease. They have asserted that autoantibody helps in delaying the onset of severe symptoms of COVID19 in some patients. It might be linked to the production of antibodies. Scientists believe that these findings will help them to understand the situation of those COVID19 patients who are yet to recover from the disease completely. Experts fear that it might result in a new lasting autoimmune disorder in patients with severe COVID19 infection.