A Treatment Regimen With Magic Mushroom Might Be Able To Reduce The Severity Of Depression

Magic Mushroom

Experts have found a new way to treat depression, which might work like a magic. A study has shown that two doses of magic mushrooms along with a pinch of psychotherapy might be helpful for people who are dealing with depression. Experts have said that it will put depression into remission. They have claimed this treatment with magic mushrooms might work better than traditional antidepressants. This study has been done by scientists from Johns Hopkins Medicine. The findings of the study have shown that half of the patients who have been enrolled in the study have felt relief after having psychedelic psilocybin. This study has been published in a journal called JAMA Psychiatry. The co-author of the study and assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Alan Davis has said that the scale of impact has been four times greater than the results of clinical trials on traditional antidepressants.

The study has enrolled nearly 24 volunteers. All of them have been identified with a long-term history of depression. They have been given two doses of psychedelic psilocybin over different time span. All the participants have been asked to lie down on a couch and listen to music wearing eyeshades during their monitored trips for five hours. Considering the time current treatments take to provide relief, experts have seen profound effects of the regimen in a very short time. The study has found that a week after the second trip, nearly two-thirds of the participants have shown a 50 percent drop in their symptoms of depression. Interestingly, after four weeks, around 54 percent of the participants have been declared as no more depressed. Dr. Alan Davis has said that normally conventional treatments for depression take weeks and months for desirable effects, this treatment can be touted as a game-changer if the findings of the study remain the same in the gold-standard clinical trials.

This is a very crucial study, which has found that magic mushrooms can be hugely useful in maintaining mental health. It is remarkable research, which has reported a significant positive impact on the participants. Recently, Ketamine, which creates a hallucinogenic effect on patients, has been declared safe for depression treatment. However, this drug is linked to recreation abuse as well. Along with the release of this new study on magic mushroom depression treatment, Oregon has made hallucinogen legal for depression therapy. The state as well has legalized small quantities of street drugs.