Absence of Genetic Diversity Gains expected to slow down growth of Precision Medicine

absence of genetic diversity gains expected to slow down growth of precision medicine

Precision medicine is a medical model that allows doctors and Surgeon. To choose suitable treatments that help patients based on a genetic understanding of their disease. This is also called personalized medicine. Though, precision medicine is not a new concept. Recently developed science and technology will help to speed up this area of research. It is majorly based upon the genes of people. Who are predominantly of white and European descent. Precision medicine is depending upon gathering of data. And biosamples such as blood, saliva, urine, and health surveys and access to health records from individuals.

All of Us program, which is prepared by the National Institutes of Health, aims to recruit 1 Mn people in order to share their genetics and health information for the purpose of research. Other organizations designed their own bio-repositories to be used for research. To improve precision medicine. The scientific problem is that it does not represents the diversity that would see across the human species. The African populations reflect a greater band of diversity as compared to other populations. Due to migration of human populations across the globe.

Researchers continuously making progress, but the precision medicine approach to cancer treatment is not considered as a part of regular care for many patients. Various medications designed to target a particular change are being tested for precision medicine clinical trials. Among some clinical trials are accepts patient with specific types and stages of cancer. Majority of sharing of data and samples across the globe. There are many centers of genome research for sharing data and samples across the globe. According to reports, scientists where use more distinct resources. To find several variants that they were also not aware of, which is important in terms of understanding disease. So there are good signs that more diversity will actually make more precise in terms of precision medicine.