According to recent research, Psychiatric Illness major cause is air pollution

according to recent research, psychiatric illness major cause is air pollution

People who grew up in the areas with poor air quality may have the bipolar and depressive disorder in later period of their life. According to an analysis of health data from millions of patients, it is found that there is a link between mental health disorders and exposure to air pollution. According to the scientists of University of Chicago, a study used an American health insurance database. Around 151 million people within 11 years of outpatient and inpatient claims for neuropsychiatric diseases. Moreover, researchers then compared these claims in order to measure 87 potential air pollutants. It is found that countries with poorest air quality had 27% increase in bipolar disorder and 6% higher incidence. This incidence is of critical depression as compared with those with best air quality.

Research on rodents and dogs indicates that air pollution can get into brain. Also it may have led to inflammation that results in symptoms resembling depression. It is possible that the same thing happens in humans. Chicago team applied a similar methodology to data from around 1.4 million Danish patients in order to validate their findings. Moreover, in association with the researchers at Denmark’s Aarhus University. It is examined that the incidence of neuropsychiatric disease in the Danish adults those were lived in the areas of poor eco-friendly quality up to the age of 10. Also, team found there was around 29% increase in the mental health disorders for general public living in most polluted areas.

Introduction to high levels of pollution was related to a more than two-fold rise in schizophrenia. This is among Danish patients and higher rates of personality disorder, bipolar and depression. However, academics those were not involved in the research said that there are other factors that may account for correlation. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that air pollution kills around 7 million people each year. And it is equivalent to the 13 deaths every minute. In addition, more than combined total of murder, tuberculosis, war, HIV, and malaria, among others.