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According to Recent Study, Camera may get Affected with Ransomware

The security researcher’s experts confirmed just how easy it is to distantly encrypt a camera, especially digital cameras with ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software or malware, which is designed to deny access to a computer system or data. This malicious software can affect an organization or individual. Relevant data stored on computer or network is at high risk when the data is being attacked by ransomware. These data can be government, healthcare systems, law enforcement agencies, and critical infrastructure entities. Recovery of data can be a lengthy and challenging process. This may require the services of a reputable data recovery specialist as well as in some cases, has paid to recover files. It can spread via email attachments, infected external storage devices, infected software apps, compromised websites, and others.

Once the virus is entered into the system, you can say goodbye to all your photos. Due to technological advancement, now a day’s digital cameras are fitted out with Wi-Fi feature. So far, it has become easy to remotely tricking the camera into installing a malicious firmware update. And can be done using the same Wi-Fi___33. This can encrypt all photos and force the camera to display ransomware.

The researcher has warned specific warning such as while attaining the event the use of Wi-Fi. Mr. Eyal Itkin explained that Sunday morning crowd of apparently hungover hackers, it’s likely not the only model vulnerable. Researcher at Test Level Device Applied sciences alerted Canon of the vulnerabilities, and so they issued a repair. Another way to secure holiday pics from malicious hackers is to extort for several cryptocurrencies.


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