According to the Study, Physical Activity and Exercise of Any Intensity Minimizes the Risk of Early and Sudden Death

according to the study, physical activity and exercise of any intensity minimizes the risk of early and sudden death

A study published in the BMJ medical journal stated that the advanced level of physical activity and exercise of any intensity has minimizes the risk of early and sudden death in the older age and middle-age population. Other studies also suggested that sedentary activities such as sitting idle without any physical work or less work hampers the health of the individual. And this may lead to early death. Being sedentary for around 9.5 hours or more apart from sleeping time may increase risk of death.

The study is conducted by Prof. Ulf Ekelund and team in Norwegian School of Sports Sciences. Which is located at Oslo, Norway. This study analyzed and evaluated that sedentary time and physical exercise or activities are associated with early death risk. Researchers used accelerometers a wearable device which is used to track intensity and volume of physical activities to quantity intensity levels and total activity. This is categories into vigorous, moderate and light. Washing dishes or cooking is considered as light intensity work; mowing the lawn and brisk walking.  And considered as moderate-intensity work, whereas carrying heavy loads, jogging, and gym exercise are considered as vigorous-intensity work.

According to the Prof. Ulf Ekelund and researchers team, the death risk in individuals is five times more in the inactive persons as compared to most active persons. This study was conducted on around 36,383 peoples from Western Europe and United States. The participants were of minimum 40 years old, and the average age was 62 years. The individual participants were tracked for an average period of 5.8 years. These conclusions and finding may vary in other age population and younger population. According to the National Institute for Health, Minimum 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity or 150 minutes of moderate-intensity every week were considered as a recommended guideline of study. However, these guiding principles are based on self-reported activity, which is frequently rough.