Home Business Airbus SE Starting Production of Airbus A220 in Alabama

Airbus SE Starting Production of Airbus A220 in Alabama

Airbus SE Starting Production of Airbus A220 in Alabama

Europe-based Airbus SE is an aerospace giant is pushing its presence in the US. The production of A220 airplane started in Alabama. The US first new A220 will not be completed and delivered until into next year. However, a major milestone is the start of production of Airbus drive to leverage to raise business. According to Jeff Knittel CEO of Airbus, the airplane has a significant backlog, whether it remains the 220, and 320 sequences over a six-year backlog.

This growth is what Airbus had in mind from 2017. After it bought 50.1% of C Series plane from Bombardier Inc. which based in Canada. The C sequence remained a single-aisle plane. The capacity to bring between 120 to 160 passengers. That was struggling to appeal buyers given the dominance of Airbus. Also, Boeing in the single-aisle market. Bombardier Inc., seeing for greater financial certainty to raise its other aviation. Also in rail operations was ready to sell a majority of the C Series. Airbus SE was seeing for a chance to stand Boeing’s expansion in the single-aisle planes. With its courtship of Embraer.

As buying the majority of the C Series, renaming it the A220. The Airbus SE has leveraged the planes exceptional capacity. Airbus SE now has firm orders for 500 A220′s. Also, momentum fueled in part by its assembly plant in Alabama. Under construction having a new assembly line, the A220 will add another 400 jobs to Airbus plant in Alabama, Mobile, and finally push employment for the facility to more than 1000 workers. The US unemployment ratio near a 50-year low. The labor market is tight, therefore what they have done is expanded their recruiting efforts across the US. A good update is the Florida area, in the Alabama area, in Texas. there is an available significant number of high-quality employees. Whereas the A220 has developed a success for Airbus.


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