Amazon launches children’s ‘school from home’ store, these facilities will be available for the first time

Amazon launches children's 'school from home' store, these facilities will be available for the first time

E-commerce website Amazon has launched ‘School from Home’ store keeping in mind the convenience of children in the lockdown in the country. Due to the transition, it may take time for the schools to fully open and in such a situation, most schools are putting up online classes. In view of the convenience of children, all the essentials of the school will be available at the school from home store. This specially designed store helps parents, teachers and students to create better learning zones at home.

Recently, Amazon’s search trends show that the search for work and school from home products had increased significantly, in view of which today announced the launch of the ‘School from Home’ store. This store offers attractive deals and offers on products like studios and writing essentials, stationery, laptops, tablets and PCs, headsets and speakers, printers, keyboards and mouse, home furnishing like cabinets, bookshelfs, study lamps and more Huh.

Searching for the study of the most studies on Amazon has increased, the search for Study Table has increased by 2.5 times. After this, the search for laptops and tablets increased more than 2 times, while the search for headphones and earphones increased by 1.7 times. Talking about children’s stationary, its search increased 1.2 times more. The search for computer parts also saw a sharp boom, the search for mouse and keyboard doubled.