Amazon’s Ring Decides To Recall Over 350,000 Doorbells Over Fire Concern

Amazon's Ring Decides To Recall Over 350,000 Doorbells

Technology has made our lives easier in many ways and one of its advantages is that it provides better security options. There are now video doorbells and alarm systems that allow people to monitor their homes even when they are not there. But sometimes this safety equipment can pose a different danger itself. For example, hugely popular Amazon’s smart home brand Ring is recalling around 350,000 2nd generation doorbells over fire concerns. Ring reportedly received 23 complaints about video doorbells catching fire and causing minor property damage. The company also received 8 reports of minor damage caused by these doorbells, sold mostly in the United States.

This is why the company decided to recall doorbells sold in the US. However, the company has said that users need to return affected doorbells and they must follow updated instructions. The ring had released an updated set of instructions soon after complaints about video doorbells. The company emphasized that users won’t face any problem if the doorbell is installed correctly. It warned users of not using any screws other than the ‘smart security screws’ for securing the device to the bracket. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the fire is caused because of overheating, which is the result of using the wrong screws. The company said that using the wrong screws can damage the battery during installation and create a fire hazard.

We are continuously working with the CPSC on this issue and getting in touch with customers who purchased the 2nd Generation doorbell of Ring to ensure that they follow the instructions of the updated user manual. The video doorbells that are reportedly affected were sold during the period between June and October this year. These doorbells with model number 5UM5E5 were sold for around USD 100. Those who wish to check whether their doorbell is affected or not can do so by entering the serial number of the device on Ring’s website.