Apple Mulling To Replace iPad Mini With Foldable iPhone

iPad Mini With Foldable iPhone

Tech giant Apple is mulling to discontinue iPad Mini. The device is likely to be replaced by the company’s foldable phone. Apple is quietly working on a foldable iPhone for a long and has made significant development in recent times. It will discontinue iPad Mini production after the launch of the new foldable iPhone. The new handset will be available at the cost of the iPad Mini. The reason behind discontinuing the manufacturing is that the foldable handset will be a cross between the iPad Mini and iPhone. The foldable device will be more of an iPad Mini. The smartphone will be running the iPad OS. It will be Apple’s first foldable iPhone.

Apple will probably release the new foldable phone in November 2022. It will feature at least 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage capacity. The baseline model will carry a price tag of USD 1,499. The company is believed to have already ordered a batch of foldable displays. South Korean giant Samsung is supplying foldable displays to the Cupertino-based iPhone maker. Samsung already has a foldable smartphone, Galaxy Z Fold. Samsung is considered a pioneer in the mobile industry. Apple and Samsung are rivals but the two enjoy good business relations also. It remains unclear whether the new foldable iPhone will come with 5G support.

The first-generation iPad Mini was unveiled in 2012. It was Apple’s first mini tablet computer. It was also the company’s fourth major product in the iPad lineup. The most recent iPad Mini was released in March last year. It is a fifth-generation device. The foldable smartphone market is gaining popularity. Besides Samsung, another South Korean giant LG is planning to launch a smartphone with a rollable display. It has already launched a rollable TV. The smartphone could hit the shelves early next year. The smartphone will feature a look just like a regular smartphone but can be extended from the sides. When expanded, it will sport a size similar to a tablet.