As Google Stop Using Dessert-Themed Names, Android 10 Will Be the Name of Android Q

as google stop using dessert-themed names, android 10 will be the name of android q

Google has publicly called the next version of Android, due to be released fall: Android 10. Flouting the 10-year history of identifying statements after desserts. The company is bailing on providing a puzzle name beginning with a following letter of the alphabet Q, which is the way we have been stating to Android up to now. This year is Android 10, and next year will be Android 11, and so on.

Later a quarter, the quintessence of Android’s brand quickly changed without quarrel, solving a quandary. Also quitting the quixotic quest to pull a Q dessert out of the quiver. Google won’t tremble on the decision to move away from the desserts. And answers a quadrillion serious questions about the names. Google has decided it is an attractive tradition which needed quite to quell. As a substitute, the name inside Google. So they have doubts and feel nauseous about the number of quips which will queue up mentioning the source code of Android in an attempt to objection that the dessert names qualify as real. It all looks like a marsh, but at least qualitatively. The new naming order is less unusual.

Along with, the original name is a restructured logo for Android, Mr. Aude Gandon, the global brand director for Android, speaks has a more present wordmark. Highly, that will constantly include the green robot. And a robot is what creates Android special. Makes it human, fun, and approachable. Successful with a new naming scheme for the 10th version of Android. Which makes a bit of sense, and it is a breakthrough release. And given how hard it is to put a common dessert to the letter Q, and noted to Sameer Samat, Google’s Vice President of product management for Android, which was convenient that Google selected this release to change up the naming scheme.