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Audi AI: Trail – the autonomous concept off-roading Electric Vehicle that everyone dreams of

Most of the cars with autonomous concept are designed and developed to remain on the roads, however, Audi is all set to take the technology off-road with a new concept named – AI:Trail – which will be introduced at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show to be held later this week.

This electric vehicle is being designed to offer enhanced driving experience to adventurers and a whole new experience to explore outdoors in the near future. This new concept, AI:Trail, completes Audi’s four-strong range of autonomous concept cars, including the Aicon, the AI:Me, and the AI:Race.

One of the key features of AI:Trail is that the wheels are pushed farther as possible in order to reduce the approach and departure angles. In addition, this trail can drive through one and a half foot of water, as it has 13.4 inches of ground clearance, and massive 33.5-inch tires.

Each wheel sets into motion using its individual electric motor, which represents an evolution of Audi’s time-tested Quattro all-wheel-drive technology. Audi confirmed that the AI:Trail has on-pavement driving range of 250 miles, or 155-mile range on trail, with highest speed checked in at 81 mph.

In addition to the features, Audi also lowered beltline to give the driver and passengers a nearly 360-degree outside view. AI:Trail is packed with high-tech unusual features such as there is no instrument cluster, and each and every function is controlled using a smartphone. Moreover, it has a roof-mounted drone, which can be sent ahead to light up the trail.

Production plans remain unclear, however, Audi has clear visions in which it operates a fleet of electric cars inspired by AI concept, and the motorists could book them via app, as they request an Uber. For instance, customers could request AI:Me to commute on roads and highways, and AI:Trail for off-road adventurous trips or spend weekends in the woods. These cars with in-built AI concept would be capable to recognize its passengers, and would analyze and know the way the passengers like to sit, what they want to listen to, and the destination as well.

Hector Faulkner

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