Bangladesh Records More Than 13,000 Dengue Infected Cases In July

bangladesh records more than 13,000 dengue infected cases in july

According to the Bangladesh health ministry nearly 1,477 new patients detected in twenty-four hours in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is facing very dangerous situations nowadays. Experts say that it is because of the frequently changing climate and other factors. Since 2000, Bangladesh started to maintain the record of diseases. Ayesha Akhtar says that, up to July 2019, Bangladesh recorded 15,369 cases of dengue. Ayesha Akhtar is an assistant director at Bangladesh Directorate General of Health Services.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, which is very densely populated with 22 million people. Dhaka also highly infected by dengue. Across Bangladesh, all hospitals & clinics are overflowing because of dengue patients. Now hospitals are not able to admit any more infected patients because of a shortage of beds and other services. Out of 400 million infected people, 21,000 people die from dengue, so dengue is not much more fatal, said by Disease control & prevention center. In Bangladesh, dengue season starts with monsoon rain in June and ends in September. Dengue cases recorded in the year 2018 are triple than cases recorded in the year 2017. Lancet reported that frequently changing atmospheric conditions, various civic issues like unplanned construction as well as ineffective sanitation have made the conditions worse. In Bangladesh dengue is spread not only in a slum and unhygienic areas but also in richer areas, said by Emranul Haq. Health Ministries department of Bangladesh trying lots of methods to fight with further spread by providing a free test for dengue at government hospitals. Ayesha Akhtar says that Bangladesh government trying their best to beat these conditions.

In this year number of dengue cases are seen in many Asian countries. Philippines government announced a national emergency after the death of more than 401 dengue infected patients. In this year, about 8,000 dengue cases are recorded in Singapore, which is four times higher than the year 2018. Dengue is a viral disease which is spread to humans beings by bites from Aedes aegypti female mosquito. Dengue is also known as breakbone fever. Severe muscle and bone pain, as well as high fever and headache, are the symptoms of dengue.