Bank in Cuba offers Father’s Day promotions for those who use the magnetic card

Bank in Cuba offers Father's Day promotions for those who use the magnetic card

Cuba continues to promote the use of magnetic cards in banking operations and this time it launched an offer to be held on the third Sunday in June from the province of Camagüey for Father’s Day. For those who use the payment networks for Electronic Banking services, the Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC) of that territory has disclosed a bonus of eight percent from June 8 to June 21. The digital channel has been more used to prevent the spread of the latest coronavirus based on the social distancing guidelines set by the authorities.

Isabel Delgado Cutiño, Head of Electronic Banking Department at BANDEC in Camagüey, said the most important thing is that commercial and financial operations can be performed from these services without the need for clients to go to the branches.
According to an official Cuban news agency, they also allow transactions from home that correspond to ETECSA’s communications services to Unión Eléctrica and the National Tax Administration Office.

Bank branches offer magnetic cards. In order to access electronic services, the customer must present another multi-bank card associated with the magnetic card support accounts, with which they can authenticate and use those payment channels, Delgado Cutiño explained. On the other hand, the Transfermóvil telephony application enables balancing inquiries, transfers to other accounts, payment of electrical and telephone bills, recharge of your mobile account and Nauta account, with a 10 per cent bonus provided by ETECSA, in addition to online payment for virtual stores purchases.