Hyderabad Metro train : Rules and regulations



The most awaited movement for Hyderabadis has come. Within two days Metro train will be available for the Hyderabadis to move from one place to another. Hyderabad Metro train is one of the longest one in our country. The Metro train will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 28. From 29 onwards people can utilize the services of the metro train.

People are eagerly waiting for the non-polluted and comfortable journey in A.C compartments of the metro train. Metro has put some strict rules and regulation should be followed by all passengers. Those who do not follow the rules should pay the fine.

Rules and regulations:

  • If a seat is available you can avail the seat, if the seat is not available you have to stand. But you should not sit on the floor as your wish. If you do that you have to pay the fine.
  •  10 kgs luggage only will be allowed to carry on each ticket. The passenger needs to pay one rupee per kg. The passenger should not carry more than 40kgs.
  • The 40kgs bag should not above the  65 cms in length, 45 cms in breadth and 25 cms in height.  Gunny bag of rice or wheat is not allowed.
  • Within 29 minutes after you purchase the ticket you should be on the station platform. Your ticket will be cancelled if it is more than 30 minutes and you have to buy another new ticket.
  • You are allowed to stay only 2 hours. If you do not have a token or a smart card you have to buy another one or else you have to pay fine. You will be observed by CC cameras to check whether you have a token or a smart card. You will be sent away if you stay more than the recommended time.
  • You can buy the ticket from the staff member with Portable Ticket Analyzer (PTA) machine in the rush time. You will be monitored by the staff members in every metro station.
  • Every metro station will be divided into three zones. The three areas are Public, Private and Platform. Anyone can go to the public area but those who have a ticket with them are only allowed to the private area and then to the platform.
  • By using a reader you can get all the required information. You can get the complete information as soon as you place the ticket on the machine.  Ticket Cash Management Officers are plays an important role in Metro Station.
  • Matchboxes, lighters, gas cylinders,  Petrol, Kerosene, any kind of knives and small blades are not allowed in the Metro.

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