Priyanka Chopra comments on Sikkim: Ends with her Apologizes

Priyanka Chopra

Delhi:Bollywood beautiful actress Priyanka Chopra entangled in another issue. She made a set of people aggressive on her with her controversial comments on the state of Sikkim at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). She commented on the Sikkim that Sikkim is a State “Troubled by Insurgency”. She also said Sikkim is a small state from Northeast India. It deeply hurt the sentiments of the people of the Sikkim. Priyanka Chopra turned into a producer and produced her latest film called “Pahuna”. Pahuna got a standing ovation at TIFF.

While she was talking to the media she spoke about her film Pahuna. She said there is no film Industry in Sikkim. No one made films from this region because the state is “Troubled by Insurgency”. This is the first film that ever comes out of this region. This film about two kids and their perspective on the refugee crisis and religion, Priyanka said.

Indian Ex-football captain Bhaichung Bhutia also responded to Priyanka statements. It’s very shocking to hear this kind of comments from Priyanka like who is one of the intellectual actresses of Bollywood. He said someone fed her with wrong information about Sikkim. In fact, I am playing a role in her new film ” Pahuna”.

Bhaichung Bhutia said Sikkim is politically a peaceful state of our country.  Sikkim became a part of India in 1975. It is because of the people of the Sikkim. It is one of the greenest states in the country. People of the Sikkim are Hospitable. It is true that parts of Northeast are violence-hit but not all the states.

Priyanka Apologizes to the Sikkim:

Priyanka responded to the comments which she made on the Sikkim. Finally, she wants to put an end to this issue with her Apologizes. Priyanka Chopra tendered an apology to the Sikkim government regarding the comments which she made on Sikkim.Sikkim Tourism Secretary C. Zangpo Bhutia said: “We have received an apology note from Priyanka Chopra for her comments, where she has written ‘I tender an apology. He said we are not satisfied with the letter and we asked Priyanka to send another letter with proper terms.

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