Sweet battle: Finally West Bengal got Patents on Rosogolla


That is a sweet battle. A battle for a sweet. After a long battle between two states West Bengal and Odisha over patent rights on a sweet. The special sweet which is the reason for this long sweet battle is Rosogolla. Finally, the battle reached a conclusion. West Bengal got the victory in this battle. West Bengal got the  Geographical Identification for Rosogolla.

The Geographical Identification authorities have announced on Tuesday ( November 15) that the West Bengal is the origin of Rosogolla. Since 2015 Odisha and West Bengal have been fighting to get the GI registration of Rosogolla. The chief minister Mamata Banerjee has celebrated this sweet news with a tweet. “Sweet news for us all.

Mamata’s tweet:

We are very happy and proud that Bengal has been granted GI status for rasgulla,” she tweeted on the twitter. The Geographical Identification gives a sign for the quality and reputed products and it identifies such products and recognises the origin of those products. Those who are fighting for getting a patent for certain product should prove the presence of traces or roots of the product in the respective place or area.

Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks and GI, Chinnaraja G Naidu said, this juicy sweet is originated in the West Bengal, not in Odisha. After the proper study on this, Bengal got the Geographical Identification (GI) patent on rasagulla.

Rosogolla 1

In fact, West Bengal government provided an evidence that this sweet actually invented by a renowned sweet-maker Nabin Chandra Das in 1868. State food processing Minister Abdur Rezzak Mollah said we are inviting the announcement made by the GI officials. It is not a battle on the sweet but it the victory in this battle is a pride of Bengalis.

The owner of Ganguram One of the most popular sweet chains in Kolkata especially famous for the sweet rasagulla Said, I would like to thank the GI authorities for doing justice for us.

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