Urine Banks across the India: Letre Rs 1

Urine Banks

New Delhi:

Urine Banks it might be a weird news to hear. Purely human urine banks will begin to start throughout the country. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has an idea of setting up urine banks in every tehsil/taluka place across the country.

By setting up these urine banks we can reduce the importing of Urea said Nitin Gadkari. Because we can prepare the Urea on a huge scale by processing the urine because of the presence of Nitrogen in the urine.

Of course, the idea is in the starting stage but we are trying to make it a reality by working with some Swedish scientists. Human urine contains a lot of Nitrogen. But this is been wasted. My aim is to convert this waste into a money, said the Minister.

Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari said this project help the farmers because the produced urea from the urine can be used as a fertilizer for the plant. Gadkari said We already have organic substitutes for phosphorous and potassium. So if we add Nitrogen to this it would be more useful to the plants. We are not certain about the economics and feasibility of this project said Gadkari.He said I fell trying this idea would not create any harm.

Litre urine Rs 1:

Farmers will have to bring the plastic bottles which should contain the 10 litres of urine in it to taluka centres. The plastic can will be provided by the government, he said. The would get Rs 1 per litre urine. The urine should not be diluted with the water.

We can make fertilizer from the urine after the distillation of urine. Because the distillation makes the urine pure. So that it can be used as a soluble organic fertiliser. Already this process has started at a laboratory in his own village Dhapewada near Nagpur, Gadkari said.

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