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Burger King staff has been fired as they draw a cartoon pig on a police lunch order

Burger King is a global hamburger fast-food chain in the US. It is headquartered in Miami, Florida – Dade County Unincorporated District. Last week, a group of fast-food Burger King employees who were insulted police customers were sacked after a Facebook post on the incident. On August 9, official Timo Rosenthal ordered lunch at a Burger King in Clovis, New Mexico. When he got his order and he returned towards his car. As he opened his hamburger, he noticed not only a rough sketch with a pig on the wrapper but also burnt and poor quality burger.

New Mexican Police officer, Timo Rosenthal took a picture of it also uploaded it on Facebook with,” When someone orders food in uniform.” He also mentioned there as, “This is the last order at a Burger King restaurant in Clovis, NM.” Since then the post has been spread and got many likes, comments, and shares. Burger King identified those five staff member, who was supposedly answerable for that picture drawn. In a statement directed to the Fox News, a representative of Burger king confirmed that all five employees were fired. Also, “Whatever happened is unacceptable and does not meet their brand value.” When the restaurant landlord made aware regarding this incident, immediately contacted the police officer, who was involved to make an apology and fired that five team members.

However, the head of the Clovis police department stated to KRQE that, he became “disappointed” as they behaved like disrespected and degraded way with the police officer. New Mexico person said that “This is completely wrong, not that New Mexico should be,” The statement continues to explain what initiatives the restaurant has taken to mend local law enforcement. It said: “The restaurant provides free meals for uniformed executives. As well as, as a sign of goodwill they will offer a meal lunch to the department of police.”

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