CDC investigates lung diseases associated with e-cigarette use

cdc investigates lung diseases associated with e-cigarette use

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reviewing a “cluster” of lung disease that it assumes may be related to the use of e-cigarettes after reporting such cases in 14 states. The US CDC said there is no evidence that infectious diseases are the main reason behind the disease. And more information is needed to determine if they are actually caused by the use of an e-cigarette. The CDC is investigating in collaboration with health departments in Wisconsin, California, Indiana, Illinois, and Minnesota. According to a statement issued by the CDC on Saturday, since June 28, the states have reported 94 cases of possible serious lung disease related to Vaping, mainly to the adults and teenagers. Out of these, 30 occurred in Wisconsin.

Patients face some problems such as fatigue, coughing and shortness of breath. Some patients had severe breathing complications and they required ventilation. A CDC representative could not deliver additional information about the investigation. The representative of the national health department did not respond to the inquiry. Some other states such as New Jersey and New York also have issued health consultations on Vaping related lung diseases. They did not link the disease to any particular product. In the US, Juul Labs is a leading e-cigarette manufacturer, which is a 35% owned subsidiary of Altria Group. On Sunday, Juul Labs said in a statement via email sent to Reuters. It said” Just like any health-related events reportedly linked with the use of vapor products, we monitoring such kind of reports”

“These reports reaffirm the requirement to keep away all nicotine and tobacco products from youth through important regulation on enforcement and access. We must confirm that illegal products, such as counterfeit products, and controlled substances products are far from the market and also far from young people.” According to the World Health Organization, e-cigarettes are usually considered safer than conventional cigarettes, that destroy half of all lifetime users. Though, the long-term nicotine devices health problems are still mostly unknown. In April, the US FDA starts an investigation on the illness of e-cigarette users.