China knew about Corona, yet allowed people to travel outside the country

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has alleged that the Chinese government was aware of a serious risk of spreading the corona virus infection. Despite this, he allowed his people to travel outside the country. He also said that President Donald Trump would decide on a future strategy to punish China.

Trump had said the day before that he did not want to talk to his Chinese counterpart yet. Only then came Pompeo’s statement. It is noteworthy that more than 88,000 people have died due to corona virus infection in the US and they hold China responsible for this worldwide epidemic.

For the last several weeks, the president has been under increasing pressure to take action against China. Lawmakers and thinkers say that due to China’s inaction, the corona virus has spread around the world from Wuhan. In response to a question, Trump said he does not want to talk to Chinese President Xi Chinfing at the moment. However, they have a good relationship with Chinfing.