China’s dams in Tibet could put India’s water supply at risk

China's dams in Tibet could put India's water supply at risk

China’s rapid speed of dam construction, including at least eight new ones on Tibet’s Brahmaputra River, has sparked concern about the Chinese attempting to control India’s water supply. The planned dams on Tibet’s Yarlung Tsangpo river are close to the Arunachal Pradesh Indian frontier.

In this area, over a 10-year period, the Chinese have managed to build three dams on the Brahmaputra River within 24 km reach. This building of dams has taken place at an unparalleled speed and scale in Sangri Lokha, Tibet. Construction of a similar ‘triplet dam’ was observed on the river Nyang near the town of Nyingchi in Nyingchi county in Tibet.

India Today OSINT team investigated them using Google Earth images to find out the purpose of these major construction projects. The ability in the hands of the Chinese to manage India’s water supply has always been a valid concern. China may use this to cause flash floods or to funnel water through India that could dry up rivers.