Corona Myth and Truth: Can it use all kinds of masks again?

Myth: Can all kinds of masks be used again?
Truth: No, masks are meant for one-time use only. Health workers are having to reuse them due to the lack of N-95 masks and surgical masks. If you are perfectly fine and are not taking care of an infected person, wear a homemade mask and wash them thoroughly in the sun once they come from outside. Keeping moisture in the mask increases the risk of infection.

Myth: Fast pepper foods do not cause Kovid-19 infection.
Truth: Black or red chili, spicy food does not prevent corona virus infection. In Ayurvedic method, black pepper is used in decoctions taken in colds, etc., but it will not cause corona virus infection, there is no scientific evidence.

Myth: Does eating restaurant food cause corona infection?
Truth: Viruses are eliminated by cooking food at high temperature whether at home or hotel. Cooked food does not cause virus infection. By the way, if possible, eat homemade food at this time. There may be congestion at eating places, where food may not be there, but in other forms there is an increased risk of infection. In such a situation, it would be right to follow social distance.