Corona virus may die on its own before vaccine arrives: top scientist


Professor Karol Sikora, a director of the Cancer Program of the London World Health Organization (WHO), has made a big claim about the corona virus . Sikora has stated that the worldwide war against the corona virus may end before the vaccine is created. He stated that the corona virus vaccine may end on its own before development. Sikora said, “A similar pattern is visible everywhere against the corona virus. I suspect we have more immunity than we anticipated. We have to slow down this virus continuously but it can be very weak on its own. It is my guess that this is possible. ‘

He said, “We have to keep our distance and hope that the figures will improve.” Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that a long-term solution to the corona virus is possible only with vaccine or medicine. He said, “The worst case scenario is that we can never find a vaccine for the corona virus.”

British official of Indian origin Alok Sharma said on Sunday that it is possible that the UK could never find a vaccine for the Kovid-19. “Despite the relentless efforts of our scientists, it is possible that we will never get a successful corona virus vaccine,” he said during a regular press conference. The Indian minister further said, “The two biggest frontrunners in the world who want to get vaccinated in Britain are Oxford University and Imperial College London.