Donald Trump says the generals believe the Beirut Blast was possibly a ‘threat’

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President Donald Trump said that the U.S. military generals told him that they “seem to know” the huge explosion that shook Beirut on Tuesday, killing at least 70 people, was a “terrible attack” possibly triggered by a bomb. Trump was asked why he called it an attack, not an accident, particularly because Lebanese officials claim they have not determined the cause of the explosion. He told reporters at the White House, “This would appear to be focused on the blast.

I met some of our great generals, and they just seem to sound like they were. This wasn’t-some sort of a form of explosion in the creation of an case. … We seem to think it’s been an assault. It was a bomb of some kind, indeed. Trump gave his condolences to the victims and said that the United States was ready to support Lebanon. “It looks like a horrible attack,” he said.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear, but the initial reports indicated that a fire had exploded a warehouse in the port. Abbas Ibrahim, the head of Lebanon ‘s General Defense, said it may have been triggered by highly explosive material that had been seized from a ship some time ago and stored in the port. Local TV channel LBC said the substance was nitrated ammonium.