Donald Trump will resume the coronavirus briefings after the break

Facebook removes Trump's campaign video that claims children are immune to coronavirus

US President Donald Trump, under fire over his administration’s response to the growing coronavirus, said Monday that he will resume news briefings on the pandemic after a long pause. He told reporters at the Oval Office that a “big flareup in Florida, Texas, a few other places” caused the resumption of the virus, killing 140,000 Americans and infecting some 3.7 million, both world-leading figures.

Throughout the weeks since then, Republican Trump has gained mixed feedback and declined throughout opinion polls for an ostensibly hands-off approach to the pandemic. He lost ground to Democrat Joe Biden, his supposed opponent in the election of Nov. 3. Last Friday, Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway told reporters that she preferred a return to the briefings, which she said had raised her approval ratings.

Trump said he expected the first new briefing would take place about 5 p.m. EDT (2100 GMT) on Tuesday. “We’re going to give you a lot of briefings over the next week and the next few weeks,” he said. He said he would bring in the heads of some companies involved in the search for vaccines and other treatments for the virus, such as Johnson & Johnson.