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England Hospitals Got £850m Funding for New And Advancements Equipment

About 20 hospitals in England got extra £850m for new equipment and advancements. These £850m will pay technologically advanced equipment for Maternity home or hospitals in Cornwall. This funding initiate comes throughout in the week of health policy declarations by the government. Health Secretary Matt Hancock is expected to declare pension changes.

The £850m is expected to be spread out over five years. The prime minister Mr. Theresa announced 20bn a year by 2023 it will at top extra fund. Mr. Johnson said the this is the time to tackle and accept the challenge and to make the NHS got the funds it requirements. This is for to continue to be one of the best healthcare in the world. They said money for hospital promotions was to be possible, because of the funds would be available for this year and economy was growing.

Health Foundation said this year extra money risk is quite more than others. Mr. Ben Gershlick said that, from the contributions, facilities are added to NHS in England were in major disrepair. Jonathan Ashworth give a report to BBC radio huge skepticism on today program that funding was new. This money is given to hospitals for cutting costs. This suggesting came from money previously promised by fund department. Previous he said the government is willing to leave the EU. This will have done without deal which is disaster for the NHS. The health secretary is going to pronounce changes to the NHS. This will have expected to done after a rule meant for senior doctors regarding pension scheme. One of the hospital said that the rules are changed. Which means disciplinary duties for doctors for those who are do additional shifts and surpass the limit for pensions contributions, was the equivalent of losing 60 consultants.

Thomas Ratzlaff

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