Facebook: Are you businessman? You can then sell it online

Facebook Are you businessman You can then sell it online

This service is totally free and will be accessible to all users of this social platform as well as Instagram, allowing you to sell, collect and customize the virtual store as you like. The social network shops would make it easier for companies to build an online store that consumers can access from either Facebook or Instagram, according to Facebook.

And any salesperson, whatever the size or budget of their organization, can open their business online and communicate with their customers from anywhere, any time. On the company’s Facebook and Instagram sites, users can find stores and even access them through stories or advertising. In there they are able to search the entire range and save their trust in the items.

A new feature that Facebook will have is that you can buy live, this via the seller’s live broadcast helping to attract more customers.
You can also search for your favorite gangs and creators, filter by categories such as beauty and home, and buy what you like with a single click. Facebook stores are only available in the United States, and in more locations around the world in the coming months.