Florida man who knowingly spread HIV gets ten years in jail

Rasheem Ikey Bodiford, a man from Florida, has been sent into prison for spreading HIV. He is found guilty in having intercourse with the prosecutor, without informing that he has HIV. Rasheem is 27 years old, and he had sex with two women during the period from September 2016 to October 2017. However, among these two women, one has reported that she is detected positive for HIV test. After that, she asked about the last individual as a sex partner. Later on, it is found that Rasheem lied with her. In the investigation process, Rasheem has unveiled that, he knew that he is HIV positive from September 2016.

According to State Attorney Bill Eddins, Rasheem sent into state jail for ten years, followed by probation of five years. The procedure was held on April 10, post considering that the Rasheem is a danger for society. Bill Eddins said that this is first of its kind penalty procedure happened in Florida and Escambia county. The women who informed about Bodiford to law inforcement said that she observed Rasheem previously with HIV medications. That time, Rasheem told her that he was retailing these drugs for his uncle. In the scoresheet of Florida criminal punishment score, Bodiford has not scored in a range that will make automatic to receive the punishment of state prison.

However, based on the sentence that, he is harmful to society, and the public. Bodiford has been received state prison for ten years. Bodiford has encountered a sentence of 15 years to a maximum. This punishment announced for three offense counts. Each count carries up to five years of imprisonment to a maximum. In this case, a jury of Escambia County found Rasheem guilty. Also, it is found that he had unprotected intercourse with his partner’s in between September 2016 to October 2017. The same was mentioned in the arresting papers of Rasheem Ikey Bodiford that was collected from the Sheriff’s Office of Escambia County state.