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For People Help at the US–Mexico Border is Suffering from Shortage of Flu Shots for Migrants at Detention Centers

The government agencies, including US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents, along with several medical contractors, will not offer influenza vaccines to people who are migrants along the US – Mexico border. The government has not taken any steps regarding vaccinating for migrant families. And has no plans to do so for the next flu season. U.S. CBP said that Children at detention centers receives the vaccination for flu. The vaccination program transferred from CBP to Health and Human Services (HHS).

CBP officer had mailed that, due to the short duration nature of CBP. As well as several complexities of going vaccination programs, neither by CBP agent or by medical contractors held vaccinations program for people at detention centers near the US – Mexico border. In the last three months, three children died due to flu. The death rate in children in the US suffering from influenza is about 1 in approx. 600,000 individuals. Until now, three children pass away out of approximately 200,000 people. Who are held at detention facilities. Mr. Winickoff said that flu deaths are tragic in his opinion. This is because they can be treated and preventable by adopting the right public health measures. Linton added that unhygienic conditions such as toilets which are in open space and “lack of awareness regarding benefits of wash hands. These are regarded as breeding ground for numerous infection globally.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is a national public health institute of the United States. It recommends that everyone should take flu shots for over six months old individual in the USA. The US over past many years witnessed an influx of people who are crossing the southern border. Migrants who require vaccination are referred to local health systems. More than 200 medical staff are contracted to work along the southwestern border in the US. This is supported with 24*7 medical support available on site for people.

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