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Google Chrome Is Making Tab Management Easier

If you are a Chrome user who loves to work with several tabs open at a time, there is certainly some good news for you. Google has made an important announcement regarding Chrome. According to the announcement, the tech giant is updating tab management in its browser on both desktops and smartphones, and it just might make things way easier and organised. At the moment, if you open more than 10 or 12 tabs, all you can see on your browser is the very little square icon representing the website and you will have to hover over each one of them and then wait for a description of the tab, which makes the chore very tedious. To address this issue, Google is introducing a grid-style layout for tabs for both mobile and desktop. So you won’t waste your time mousing over tabs to find the right one.

According to Google, after this update, users will immediately see the title of each tab by moving their mouse over a tab. And in the future, a thumbnail of the tab will also be available. The company also stated that the next update will allow users to select from a range of colors, which will change the shade of the tab strip along with the color of the entire web page. It will also allow you to group multiple tabs by simply dragging and placing them on a grid layout.

Along with this, Google is working on tweaking the Chrome address bar which will show results faster. This update will provide instant reply for queries like translations, weather updates, sports events, etc. It is yet not clear exactly when all these updates will be rolled out, but it’s one the things that needed to be worked upon. Tab management has always been a weak spot of the Chrome for years, especially when its competitors like Opera, Firefox and Safari have offered better options of organising tabs.

Hector Faulkner

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