Google Meet is now free for all, with new apps.

Google recently introduced four new features to its Meet video conferencing service, as well as expanding support to Gmail. Google confirmed it would allow 60 minutes of free meetings for all users. Discover 4 new functionalities.

1. Google Meet now allows web users to view up to 16 video chat participants simultaneously from a tiled video view. Earlier in tiled layout you could only see 4 people together. According to Google, updates for big meetings and presentations will come soon.

2. Meat has a new low light mode. Now with the help of AI you can clearly see others in the video even in low light. This feature is currently available for mobile. According to Google, it will soon be launched for web users as well.

3. Google has also introduced the ‘Present a Chrome tab’ feature. This allows you to share only one Chrome tab without sharing the full screen. You will also have the opportunity to present good quality video content with sound. If you want to share this in meetings, you can use this new option.

4. Google Meet users can use its Intelligent Background Noise Filtering feature. With this feature you can turn off unwanted noise in the background. This feature is available to web users. Will also be available for mobile users soon.