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Google need to conform contractor as permanent full-time employees after six month

The ten US representatives urge Google to end any abuse of the temporary workers and take immediate action to convert its contractor based employees to full-time employees after six months of working period. Google employed around 121,000 temporary or contract employees and 102,000 full-time employees. The business model of Google is majorly dependent on the workers who are not a full-time employee of the company. The only difference between the categories of employee is in the name. Temporary and contractor workers are hired for the purpose of short-term and non-core work. Contractors salary is less than full-time Google employees though they are working on permanent projects with a full-time employee of google. These employees are having very fewer opportunities for their professional improvement, different leave policies, no consideration for overtime, and limited leverage in the organization because they are not permanent.

The letter from the senators to adopt further mention policies along with immediate changes: Auto switch from temporary or contractor worker to full-time Google employee after six months from joining. Equivalent wage and benefit for contractors, temporary workers, and full-time employees. Disclose the contract status and the time when they can expect to change from contactor to full-time employee at the time they start their work for Google. Limited use of independent contractors and temporary workers in order to complete work which is not performed by full-time employees. Eliminate non-compete clauses from all employment contracts, including temporary worker’s agreement with their employment agencies, etc.

By accepting above mention changes to company’s policies will ensure the equal management of all Google employees. Furthermore, it will ensure the company to continue with the temporary workers and independent contractors with improved organizational policies. These policies will extend the economic security of Google’s employment to all people who are the part of company.


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