Google Nest Hub Max to hit the store in September


Google announced the launching of Google Nest Hub Max. The assistant smart display will hit the store on 9th September. The cost of display will be around $229 (AU$349, £219). The display will have touchscreen of 10-inch. Overall, it will have similar features as the Google Nest Hub or Google Home Hub. The difference will be the additional features. The new assistant smart display will have added features such as a built-in camera, brawnier sound quality, and a larger screen. At the developer conference in May, Google demoed and debuted the device.

The Hub Max will be the premium alternative to the original Nest Hub. Amazon Echo Show 2nd generation will be the main competition for the new assistant smart display. The Nest Hub will have touchscreen suitable for using it as a digital photo frame. The touchscreen has a light sensor which can adapt brightness as well as color warmth of the picture to match the surrounding. Additional features and properly organized control panel for home in new smart display can give it an extra edge over the Amazon’s product. Nest Hub Max has camera with the wide-angle lens of 127-degree. People subscribing for Nest Aware cloud storage can fix activity zones and modify notifications based on a strange or familiar face.

The nest hub max also has features that can display notifications and adjust the home screen after the person walks in the room. The facial recognition feature is for convenience. The facial recognition data will be stored locally in the Nest Hub Max. Further, the gesture control feature will try to resolve the problem of smart displays to unable to hear the voice-over loud background music or noise. Similar to Echo Show, video calls in the hub max can be made using the camera. Video call camera tilt, pan, and zoom features are also there. The Nest hub max will also have better sound. Google’s new smart display is going to be promising in the smart display market. If the Nest hub max has everything as promised, the new smart display will be tough to beat.

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