Google products will be entirely made of recycled material by the year 2020

google products will be entirely made of recycled material by the year 2020

From Google Pixel to Google Home Speakers, these all products fall under the brand name “Made by Google.” Google started this unit around three years back. Before this google was experimenting in other hardware like Nexus. But now Google is keen to make its products more sustainable. If the report by Fast Company is considered, Google has announced that products will be using recyclable materials by 2022. Also, the company is interested in the use of recycled plastic in all of its Chromecast products. Besides, Google is also considering the use of recycled plastics to make the fabric on Google Home.

According to Google, by the year 2020, all of the company’s shipments will be carbon neutral. Ana Meghan, Sustainability head in Google, stated that company had reduced its carbon emission by 40% since they started the use of shipment rather than air shipping. The company also introduced a recycling program for all the Google devices that is mainly for US-based customers. Google just joined the green army, while other market giants have already taken several steps for environment preservation. For instance, Apple is already using 100 percent aluminum for building its Mac Mini devices and MacBook Air. Apple also has a robot named Daisy for dissembling iPhones for use in the future. Samsung also stated of going green by using eco-friendly materials for the packaging of its products.

Further, Ana stated that the company is keen to introduce sustainability into not just its products but communities and operations as well.  It is not only a facet of how we do business. Instead, it is the centerpiece. The attempt is to involve sustainable designing from the beginning to across the operation. Also, embedding sustainability into the complete product development process. Furthermore, Google announced numerous sustainability possibilities surrounding its set of services and hardware. One of these commitments includes that in the year 2020, 100% of all shipments from or to consumers will be made carbon neutral. Another one is that by the year 2022, they hope to make all products with 100% recycled materials.