Google To Launch New Virtual Private Network To Add Extra Layer Of Protection From Hacking

Extra Layer Of Protection From Hacking

Tech giant Google has planned to launch a new virtual private network. The new VPN is aimed at protecting devices from being hacked via unsecured public wi-fi networks. The VPN by Google One will be available for US users soon. It will be launched through the Google One app for the Android platform. Google said that the VPN will add an extra layer of online protection. The VPN will be available for people who have subscribed to Google One’s 2TB and higher plans. According to the company, people who share 2TB Google One plan can enable the VPN on their own devices. They need not pay an extra amount for the services.

Google said that the VPN is built into the Google One app. The search engine giant said it is offering Pro Sessions in the US. All 2TB members can plan online sessions with an expert to learn about VPNs and understand how to shield their devices from getting hacked. The company said that the VPN will be extended to more countries later. It has also promised to add support for iOS, Windows, and Mac. Google can share VPN access with up to five members. The Virtual Private Network allows users to browse more securely as it encrypts the connection and hide the IP address. This way it protects devices from being hacked.

According to Google, since the VPN is built into the Google One app, users will only require to tap once to make sure the connection they are using is entirely safe and secure. Google One starts at 100 GB and 200 GB. But the new VPN requires customers to switch to 2TB for which they will have to pay USD 10 per month. It is also available on the 10 TB, 20 TB, and 30 TB plans. Google One is a cloud storage subscription service. Notably, every Google Account comes with 15 gigabytes of free storage. A VPN like service is already available to MVNO customers.