Google will not store user’s data forever, will auto-delete after this month

Google will not store user's data forever, will auto-delete after this month

The news coming from Google can raise the concerns of its users. The company announced on Wednesday that it will no longer save the entire record of new user searches. For a long time, the company was being criticized for not sharing what it does with user data. On the other hand, its rival Apple has managed to give better and more privacy on this matter.¬†According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the new users’ secure data will be deleted 18 months after their inclusion. Earlier, all this information was always stored on the server, on which the company claimed that it was done to improve and personalize the experiences of the users. All the information of the people, even those who had chosen to store their history, will no longer remain on Google’s system, but it will be deleted after 18 months.
‘While designing our products we pay attention to three important principles – keeping your information safe, using it responsibly and keeping you under control.’

However, this auto-deletion system will not apply to Gmail and Google Photos, which are designed to store personal information. As an option introduced last year, this feature allows users to continue using their ‘smart’ services without storing records of their web activity. However, of those who already have a Google account, 1.5 billion need to manually launch the feature.

Google will soon roll out a reminder email to users to complete the ‘privacy check-up’, which is in essence a confirmation from the company as to whether users would like to store their data. Google’s rival, Apple Inc, follows a model that relies very little on private data. In its recently released operating system, Apple announced another useful feature with minimal reliance on user data, which would also translate offline to users. Google’s new feature works differently, as it will allow the company to collect data, but not forever.