Google with Pixel 4 Tries to Surpass Apple

google with pixel 4 tries to surpass apple

All phone customers require their phones to be magnificence or stylish. They pageant their phones in a delicate or precise manner by randomly tapping it. They also just pull them out from their wallets or handbags for no reason. Their cell phone is somewhat a statement that helps to make their own character which can be never quite made. All of a sudden it changed. The first step taken was the casing of the phone to be made more aesthetic or appreciable. It was something like the Birkenstock and the Segway shoe designers decided to make the ugly world that can’t be imagined.

Subsequently, Apple’s descent got into design misery. The iPhones started to look disheartening like the earlier models, then suddenly iPhone X notch was introduced by Cupertino. It was like the most tragic beauty of the three witches of Macbeth. It is similar to a GoPro camera connected to the head of a swan. This wasn’t an excellent glance. So, Apple in its marketing tried to cover the notch though it was the crazy uncle at Thanksgiving. The Android device manufacturers cloned the notch desperately since the gruesome turned into usual. As a result, it would be something that people want.

Since some images of Google Pixel 4 have been released, it is sensed as if the art instructor didn’t go to school. Even the children are scribbling or sprayed illicitly on the classroom walls. People think that all are heading towards full-screen phones but did anyone ever noticed the bizarre bezel on the Pixel? It is denser than an ordinary representative head. It is more protruding than a nose of toucan. According to people, it comprises all sorts of crucial sensors and cameras. As a result, to wave instead of touching their phones and shoot better selfies. This is the so-called sensible and smart world. It is admitted that the features and functionality of a phone are more important than its appearance. Now, the rationalists accomplished and the stylists can go home taking their perfectly-rounded corners and pristine palettes.