Health Experts Say Loss Of Smell Is A More Reliable Indicator Of COVID19 Infection Among People

Loss Of Smell

A study has shown that loss of smell might be a more obvious sign of COVID infection than cough. This study has been done by the scientists of the University College London (UCL). They have conducted a test on 590 people who have lost their sense of smell. Around 80 percent of these patients have been found to have antibodies for coronavirus. Nearly 40 percent of patients who have antibodies have no other symptoms. However, this study has been conducted on patients who have mild symptoms only. There are many shreds of evidence, which show that loss of smell and taste can be the sign of COVID19 infection. It has started to emerge in April 2020. The officials have included it in the list of coronavirus symptoms in mid-May 2020.

The official guidelines of COVID19 say that people who experience loss of smell or taste need to self isolate themselves and apply for a test. Health officials as well have advised people saying that if anybody is feeling a loss of smell or taste they need to self-quarantine themselves. The lead author of the UCL study has said that cough and fever are still crucial symptoms, which are experienced by many people. Experts have recruited people by sending texts via four GP surgeries in London and enrolled those people who have reported experiencing loss of smell and taste in the past four weeks.

All the participants of the study have tested positive for antibodies. The study has suggested that some of the participants have a past COVID19 infection as well. However, some of the experts say that there might be a certain constraint to this study as it has included only those people who have mild symptoms. They have said such participants cannot be the representatives of all COVID19 patients. However, the findings of the UCL study have importance for people who are feeling a change in their sense of smell or self-isolating people, who are not able to smell like everyday things like perfume, bleach, toothpaste, or coffee. The study says that not all the COVID19 patients will lose their sense of taste or smell but if they do, it is more likely to be due to COVID19 infection. The author of the study has said that people need to look out for a loss of smell without having a blocked or running nose.