Healthy Diet Can Combat Symptoms of Depression, Study Finds

A healthy diet is an undividable aspect of life. A new study from scientists at Macquarie University, Australia, reveals an unconcerned link between diet and depression. So opting for a healthy diet may assist people struggling to come up from the depths of depression. Notably, the method may offer benefits within a month. During the trial, scientists have analyzed more than 70 depressed college-going teens who munched on processed foods, saturated fats, and sugar. Heather Francis, from Macquarie University, Australia, has led the study published in the journal PLOS One on Wednesday. Francis says depressed young adults, who usually have an unhealthy diet, have experienced less depression after opting for a healthy diet for 21 days.

As per the author, youngsters in the trial who mostly consumed veggies and fruits have shown the greatest improvements. Whereas, those who did not change their eating habits had no impact on depression. In the beginning, all candidates were asked to fill a question bank regarding their food intake and mood. They scaled almost all high, i.e., seven or more on the scale of anxiety, depression, and stress. After that, the scientists had divided volunteers into two categories – diet change and regular diet.