How to use Android’s AirDrop-like close sharing feature

How to use Android's AirDrop-like close sharing feature

If you feel like trying on the latest Android Sharing app, you ‘re in luck. Only last week Google started conducting a beta program. Your phone probably doesn’t have this yet, though. There are a couple of things you’ll need to do before you can share files and other material between devices. At this time, the feature requires participation in the Google Play Services beta program on the Play Store. I will reiterate this again later, but the beta versions of Play Services may and sometimes do have bugs, so you may have issues. If, for some reason, you can’t tolerate stability issues, you shouldn’t switch to the test program, and especially not force change on an unsuspecting parent, child, or friend just so you can wirelessly share memes. The feature will eventually become stable.

There’s another potential prerequisite: Google says the feature will eventually support all Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices and beyond, but we’ve only tested it ourselves on Android 10, and we don’t know if support for older devices has been implemented yet. In order for the feature to reach your phone, you must use the current beta version of Play Services. However, Google has previously confirmed to us that there is a server-side component for testing. We still don’t know how widely that test can be implemented, so keep in mind: Even if you install the beta, you may not get the feature , and it may even vary between your own devices. Also, both content-sharing devices must have Near Sharing enabled and working. Unless you’re just planning to send files between your own Android devices, that means your friends will need the feature, too.

Play services are an integral part of your Android phone, and the beta testing program can and will be buggy. Don’t force the beta on anyone who doesn’t know how to change it again, and don’t use the beta if you need a stable experience.¬†Once you have enabled the beta version should be delivered to your phone soon. Although Google made it difficult to find the Play Services app in the Play Store from an Android device, the list will appear under the ‘beta’ tab in the Play Store under ‘My apps and games’, and you can check for updates there as well.