Hyundai puts in the country’s most special car

Hyundai puts in the country's most special car

You may have heard of a car with no gear, a car with no fuel, but have you heard of a car without a clutch? Now you will say that the automatic car does not have a clutch, which is the correct answer. But now if we were to ask you, have you heard of any car that has a manual gearbox but not a clutch? Yes, this is not a joke but a reality. Hyundai is soon coming to India with a car that will have a manual transmission but will not have a clutch paddle. Now your second question will be what kind of car it will be and how it will work, then the answer will be in the slide.

Hyundai’s new car will be similar to an automatic car with no clutch only. That is, you will get brake and accelerator paddles. But it will not be an automatic car. In this car, you will be able to change gears like a normal manual car.
People driving manual cars often have complaints about gear control in an automatic car. He says that when shifting gears in an automatic car, they do not get manual control. Although the automatic car has a different feel of its own, it does not offer manual feel in terms of gear control. In such a situation, Hyundai’s new transmission can prove to be a new link between these two. In simple language, you will be able to change the gear according to yourself, but during this time you will get rid of the clutch of pressing the clutch repeatedly.

Hyundai’s new car will be cheaper than the automatic gearbox in terms of price. But in terms of comfort and convenience, it will be similar to an automatic car. That means fun like driving a manual car and comfort like an automatic car. The company can launch this new car in the Indian market with the 1.0-liter petrol engine of the compact SUV Venue.