IKEA and Sonos team up to launch SYMFONISK speakers and lamp


Sonos team up with IKEA in order to launch new line of smart speakers – Symfonisk. These speakers are available for purchase in any IKEA retail stores across the US. Two Symfonisk products available in the market includes Symfonisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker and Symfonisk Table Lamp and Wi-Fi Speaker. According to IKEA, Symfonisk Table Lamp functions as standard lamp and have smart speaker base. Symfonisk Table Lamp are available in both white and black color and is designed in order to save space by combining speaker with a lamp functionality. Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker are dual purpose speaker, can be attach to a wall with speaker bracket and serve as a bookshelf for some small items. Rectangular speaker can be used as a standard speaker or can be hang on Symfonisk speaker hooks.

Both speakers can be controlled through Sonos app as well as both speakers support AirPlay 2. It allows them to be used as a multi-room audio speaker with multiple AirPlay 2 devices. In addition, with all Sonos devices, podcasts, radio, music, and more can be streamed using Wi-Fi even without tablet or smartphone nearby. Moreover, buying two of the same speakers allows to set up the stereo sound. According to Sonos, two speakers paired with each other can be used as a home theatre system offered by Sonos.

The Symfonisk table lamp is extremely easy to be set up and control using the Sonos app. It also works well with Google and Alexa Assistant. It offers best performance with wireless connection and able to operate with any other speakers smoothly. User can use Sonos’ TruePlay tuning feature in order to ensure that it offers right sound profile for your space with quick adjustment process using phone’s microphone. This works exceptionally well with shelf speakers, and it is recommend to be used with any Sonos equipment. Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO suggested that Symfonisk Table Lamp’s audio quality is similar to the Sonos One speaker.

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