India with 62 countries to investigate WHO’s role in prevention measures


How and how did the corona virus reach epidemic that engulfed the entire world? What steps has the World Health Organization (WHO) taken for its prevention and what has been its role. About 62 countries of the world are seeking answers to similar questions. Now India has also officially signed a document demanding investigation on behalf of the European Union and Australia, supporting these countries.

Actually, the WHO’s 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA) is going to start today. This draft has been prepared for this annual meeting. It calls for a fair, independent and comprehensive investigation. At the same time, for the first time since the onset of corona virus infection, India has officially stood a side. Let us tell you that the corona virus started in Wuhan city of China last year. So far more than 3 lakh people have died due to this virus all over the world.

However, a scant indication of India’s standing in support of the probe was found when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the G20 summit in March, emphasized the WHO’s need for reform, transparency and accountability. Explain that China is accused of hiding information about the early days of infection. Talking about the latest developments, the top officer and doctor Zhong Nanshan, who played a key role in the war with Corona, has also revealed that the local authorities had hidden the primary information related to Corona. However, the Chinese government has already denied allegations of information hiding.

The WHO and its director general, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyes, were also accused of favoring China in the past for spreading the corona virus. The reason is that the former Ethiopian minister became the head of WHO in 2017 with the support of China. The proposed draft of this meeting through video conferencing is supported by 62 countries including Bangladesh, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Japan. However, it does not mention China or the city of Wuhan.